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Here is the Story Collection section of the "Saving Jack's Brain" Archives. Here you can quickly link to every story sequence I've done that is longer than one week duration. It's like a big collection of funny short stories!

Tip: You don't need to read any of these stories in chronological order to be able to understand them. In my opinion, the more recent ones are usually better!

2004 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2004 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Barbeque"
    Originally Ran: September 20 - October 27, 2004
    Jack, Nyman and Rick are college roommates and friends who go out to a lively barbeque full of friends and interesting characters.

2005 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2005 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Catapults"
    Originally Ran: January 31 - April 23, 2005
    Jack devises an insane idea to build a set of catapults around campus, and charge other students to use them as a means of quick transportation.

  • "Academic Freedom Isn't Free"
    Originally Ran: July 11 - August 13, 2005
    Jack and Nyman take a biology class taught by a new professor with a bizarre theory of evolution, who penalizes students who question his teachings.

  • "Halloween"
    Originally Ran: October 24 - November 5, 2005
    Halloween comes to campus as Jack and Nyman discuss the true meaning of the holiday, and then the holiday brings out the animal within Jack.

2006 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2006 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Breaking Up is Hard to Do"
    Originally Ran: January 30 - February 18, 2006
    When Rick's girlfriend won't allow him to break up with her, he resorts to disgusting her by taking up a filthy habit.

  • "The Legends of Legendonia"
    Originally Ran: March 20 - April 26, 2006
    Jack enlists Randy Moth, a police officer in training, to help him locate his stolen beer. But Jack and Nyman have trouble comprehending Randy's bizarre personality, and the even stranger story of Randy's mentor Officer Lawson.

  • "Risky Business"
    Originally Ran: July 3-29, 2006
    Jack gets the "brilliant" idea to sell bottled water to the other students on campus, and exploits the name of a controversial celebrity to help boost sales.

  • "Underground Palaces"
    Originally Ran: October 2-14, 2006
    Jack and Nyman discover that their college's president has been embezzling funds from the school and using them to construct elaborate palaces located underneath the surface of the Earth.

2007 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2007 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Keeping Track of Nyman"
    Originally Ran: January 15 - February 17, 2007
    Nyman discovers that the doctors who performed an appendectomy on him implanted a tracking device inside him during the procedure. He enlists Randy Moth to help him track down the culprit; meanwhile Randy learns he must lose his virginity soon or he will die.

  • "For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls"
    Originally Ran: March 12 - April 7, 2007
    Professor Simmons is planning to grade his upcoming exam on a bell curve, and when his students learn their grades will be determined by how well their peers do, they set out to sabotage each other's academic performance.

  • "Rutherford Boyz N' Tha Hood"
    Originally Ran: June 18 - July 11, 2007
    Jack is infuriated by the influx of students from nearby Rutherford College who are visiting his school, and so he takes advice from Lou Dobbs and builds a wall around campus to keep the visitors out.

  • "Going Camping"
    Originally Ran: August 6-18, 2007
    Jack, Nyman and Rick take a break from the pressures of school and go camping out in the woods, where they get drunk and enjoy the awe and splendor of nature.

  • "The Voice of Indignation"
    Originally Ran: September 24 - October 20, 2007
    Jack and Nyman discover that the host of a popular underground radio station is none other than their subversive friend Salamander.

  • "Christmas Pageant"
    Originally Ran: December 17-29, 2007
    Jack writes and directs the children's pageant for his church's Christmas Eve service, and provides a more modern and irreverent take on the Christmas story.

2008 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2008 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "The Fast and the Furious"
    Originally Ran: January 28 - February 27, 2008
    A speeding automobile is terrorizing campus, and so Jack and Nyman enlist Randy Moth - who is training to become a bounty hunter - to track it down. When he succeeds, Randy learns a shocking secret about the super-fast car.

  • "The Incredible Nyman"
    Originally Ran: March 10 - April 5, 2008
    When Nyman has loud outbursts in public, Jack coaches him to quell his anger by thinking of happy thoughts when he's upset. But the rage is building up inside Nyman, and it may be more than he can handle.

  • "Eco-Terrorists"
    Originally Ran: May 26 - June 14, 2008
    The school cafeteria is taken over by a group of armed environmental extremists, who take the students hostage and demand the liberation of the school's mascot.

  • "Home for Sale"
    Originally Ran: July 21 - August 2, 2008
    Nyman's parents are selling the house he grew up in, so he and Jack visit to help them move out and say goodbye to the source of Nyman's childhood memories.

  • "The Leviathan"
    Originally Ran: September 15 - October 22, 2008
    Professor Simmons learns that the college's president, Christopher McMasters, is conning the Board of Trustees into approving the creation of a new law school. When McMasters threatens to retaliate against him, Simmons pleads with Jack and Nyman to help him take down the corrupt head of the school.

2009 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2009 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Desperately Seeking Alaina"
    Originally Ran: January 19 - February 14, 2009
    The girl Jack had a crush on in high school is coming to his school to play in a basketball game, prompting Jack to go to extraordinary lengths to run into her.

  • "Fear of Herpes"
    Originally Ran: March 9 - April 11, 2009
    Salamander fears that the construction of a local UFO research facility will trigger an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth. Meanwhile, Randy Moth is terrified of catching a sexually-transmitted disease from his girlfriend Sally.

  • "World War Something"
    Originally Ran: June 15 - July 11, 2009
    Outraged over the college's harsh crackdown on drug use, Jack and his friends start a student uprising against the war on drugs.

  • "Captain Nyman"
    Originally Ran: September 14 - October 17, 2009
    Nyman uses money obtained from a lawsuit settlement to purchase a luxury yacht, but its maiden voyage is frustrated when Rick wants to use the boat to shoot a music video.


2010 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2010 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Sleep Capsules"
    Originally Ran: January 18 - February 20, 2010
    Salamander invents an amazing product that allows people to control how much sleep they get each night, and continues to sell it to the public even after it is taken off the market because of its potential danger to human health.

  • "The Beer Bashers"
    Originally Ran: March 22 - May 15, 2010
    Jack, Nyman, Randy Moth, and others clash with a fiery movement on campus that demands lower tuition rates and less college involvement in the students' lives, and which may have ugly plans for the college's president.

  • "The Hitchhiker's Guide to America"
    Originally Ran: July 26 - August 21, 2010
    Jack, Nyman and Rick take a hitchhiking trip to California to force a cable station to pay Rick's mother royalties for airing the adult films she starred in as a young woman.

  • "Stealth Jihad: The Game"
    Originally Ran: September 13-25, 2010
    Abu is livid over a computer game that glorifies Islamic extremism, so Jack and Nyman investigate the game to determine who programmed it.

  • "The Power of Ouija"
    Originally Ran: October 18 - November 6, 2010
    While Jack fruitlessly tries to convince Nyman and Rick that Ouija boards cannot really predict the future, they are certain that the board is correct in foretelling of a nasty campus fraternity prank.

2011 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2011 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "The Anti-Social Network"
    Originally Ran: January 17 - February 24, 2011
    Frustrated over his lack of success in finding a job after graduation, Jake decides to switch gears and approach his job search as if it were a war campaign, complete with military tactics and defined objectives and enemies.

  • "Everybody's Gotta Die Sometime"
    Originally Ran: March 28 - May 7, 2011
    When the town's obesity rate starts climbing at an alarming pace, Jack suspects that the culprit may be a local restaurant that emphasizes unhealthy cuisine.

  • "The Paul Reubens Society"
    Originally Ran: July 11-23, 2011
    Nyman tells Jack to stop grossing everyone out by peeling off his sunburned skin in public, but a defiant Jack turns his attention instead on mothers breastfeeding in public.

  • "2011"
    Originally Ran: September 5 - October 8, 2011
    Many students, including Jack, are terrified when the campus is befallen by a series of misfortunes that eerily resemble the Ten Plagues of Exodus.

  • "Danny's Song"
    Originally Ran: November 21 - December 22, 2011
    When Levi's friend attempts suicide in response to the bullying he has received for his sexual orientation, Levi's brother Jack starts a campaign of revenge and harassment against the teenage bullies.

2012 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2012 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "The Academic Awards"
    Originally Ran: February 13 - March 3, 2012
    The school holds its annual event conveying awards to the most outstanding professors, but the glam and glitzy ceremony is questioned by many of the students.

  • "Stand Your Mother&#!@ing Ground"
    Originally Ran: April 9 - May 19, 2012
    The whole town is outraged when a trigger-happy student shoots Abu on suspicion of him being a terrorist, and then asserts self-defense under the state's "Stand Your Ground" law.

  • "Mr. Winfield"
    Originally Ran: July 16 - August 18, 2012
    Nyman is thrilled to begin an internship with a successful businessman, but he soon discovers that working for an eccentric germophobe who obsesses over the slightest details isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • "The Dark Night/Mothman Rises"
    Originally Ran: September 24 - November 15, 2012
    Concerned about the rising crime rate on campus, Randy Moth dons a costume and fights for justice as an undercover vigilante. His superhero skills are soon put to the ultimate test when he learns of a sinister plot by college president Christopher McMasters that involves the campus' power grid.

2013 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2013 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Mouse in the House"
    Originally Ran: January 7 - February 16, 2013
    Jack is tormented by the presence of vermin in his dorm, but is unable to get rid of it and must find living accommodations elsewhere.

  • "The Campaign"
    Originally Ran: March 25 - May 4, 2013
    Nyman and Craig vie against each other in an election for president of student council, but the campaign deteriorates into a volley of vicious insults, slanders and dark secrets.

  • "Who's Gonna Clean the Bathroom?"
    Originally Ran: July 1-13, 2013
    Jack, Nyman and Rick have a squabble over who has to clean their bathroom, but when Jack assumes the job he becomes possessive over his handiwork and refuses to let his roommates use the facilities.

  • "Shark in the Water"
    Originally Ran: August 5-17, 2013
    A nice day at the beach is ruined by the presence of a shark, which may have claimed one of the human visitors as its victim.

  • "The iPhone Thief"
    Originally Ran: September 30 - November 20, 2013
    Randy Moth is recruited to track down a crook who has been stealing students' smartphones, and seeks advice from a serial phone thief who is behind bars. Although the thief dispenses helpful advice, he also fills Randy with crippling self-doubt and anxiety.

2014 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2014 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Candy Crushed"
    Originally Ran: December 30, 2013 - January 18, 2014
    Jack goes to a support group for people addicted to a popular mobile game, where he must take stock of his life and make amends to all the people he has wronged.

  • "Rock N'Roll Burger"
    Originally Ran: January 27 - March 1, 2014
    Rick gets a job at a local fast food joint, where he soon becomes swept up in a movement demanding an increase in the workers' wages.

  • "Stop Looking at Me!"
    Originally Ran: April 7 - May 21, 2014
    Jack is driven to the brink of insanity when a female classmate falsely accuses him of stalking her, and not even his friends believe in his innocence.

  • "Clash of the Generations"
    Originally Ran: August 11-30, 2014
    A lively campus event pits young adults against Baby Boomer citizens in a competition to determine which generation is more responsible for America's ills.

  • "Jack the Mother"
    Originally Ran: September 22 - October 4, 2014
    Jack buys a houseplant and develops a parental attachment to it, which brings on a full-scale crisis when the plant is stolen by a burglar.

  • "Speech Codes"
    Originally Ran: October 13 - November 22, 2014
    Jack gets into hot water with the school over his use of a professional football team's nickname, which puts him in violation of the school's controversial rules restricting student speech.

2015 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2015 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Miltonberlitis"
    Originally Ran: January 26 - February 25, 2015
    Rick is flabbergasted when he learns of the new "affirmative consent" rules regulating sexual activity on campus, and even more so when he learns he has a new and bizarre sexually transmitted disease that he may have gotten from his girlfriend.

  • "House of Report Cards"
    Originally Ran: April 6 - May 16, 2015
    Professor Simmons schemes of new ways to climb up the faculty ladder at the expense of other professors. Meanwhile, Jack gets a gig as a campus investigative reporter, and Jake's fraternity may be involved in some unseemly shenanigans.

  • "The Tranker"
    Originally Ran: September 21 - November 21, 2015
    Someone is terrorizing campus by shooting people at random with a tranquilizer gun, and Randy Moth is reluctant to help Jack and Nyman track down the culprit - until his beloved Sally becomes a victim.

2016 Story Sequences (Click to Show)

2016 Story Sequences (Click to Hide)

  • "Pizzas, Pastas and Poontang"
    Originally Ran: January 11-22, 2016
    Rick is the host of a new campus TV show that showcases the town's finest Italian restaurants... and some of their female employees.

  • "The Way We Met"
    Originally Ran: February 1 - March 2, 2016
    After stumbling upon a carton of milk that Jack bought the night he met Nyman and Rick, the three amigos tell Jake the awkward story of how they came to be best friends during their freshmen year.

  • "House of Report Cards, Part 2"
    Originally Ran: April 11 - May 26, 2016
    Dean Simmons wants to kick off a new program aimed at boosting his students' career prospects, but is distracted by the controversy over a proposed new rule requiring transgender students to use the bathrooms corresponding to their birth gender.

  • "The Battle for the Future is Now"
    Originally Ran: September 19 - November 25, 2016
    In the final major story sequence of the series, the infamous Christopher McMasters returns as the college president, and implements a series of outrageous policies that divide the student body. Meanwhile, Nyman's support for McMasters severely strains his friendship with Jack, who takes it upon himself to save his school from the eccentric strongman.

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