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My name is Zach Martz, and I am the creator of "Saving Jack's Brain." I was born in 1984, and am an attorney living in Washington, DC.

Drawing cartoons isn't something I always did. As a child I never drew much, mostly because I wasn't very good. However I did love comic strips. I always loved reading collections of "Calvin & Hobbes," "Garfield," and "Far Side," and sometimes fantasized about drawing my own comic. However, the idea never really took off until I was in college.

I attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, a couple hours away from my home near Philadelphia. In 2004, during my sophomore year, I was reading one of my old "Calvin & Hobbes" books and rekindled the idea of doing my own comic. I got over my initial concern that I wasn't a very good artist by convincing myself that what really mattered was good jokes and writing. I decided to write a strip that focused on characters closest to me: students at a liberal arts college like the one I attended.

Due to my growing interest in the political world and love of topical humor like that found on the Daily Show, I decided that my strip would be heavy with political and satirical humor. To further establish the characters as fully developed beings instead of mere talking heads, the strip would also include continuing story sequences that would document their weird adventures. While a lot of what the characters said and did would be inspired by my own experiences, I knew right away that I would also have to work hard to think up original and inventive content. It was a challenge I embraced wholeheartedly.

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