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After completing three "pilot" strips to see if this was really a good idea, I set out to write a backlog of strips that I was satisfied with. Once that was done, I began drawing the strips on a daily basis in the spring of 2004. I was already falling in love with the craft, and getting good feedback from friends and family (though of course a few people noted the crudeness of the artwork). Determined to let as many people as possible see my creations, I spent the summer buying server space and creating my own website to display the strips. As I was becoming very pleased with the improving quality of the strip and my growing attachment to the characters, I decided to continue doing the strip even after graduating from college and starting law school in 2006.

Over the next three years of intense studies at George Washington University Law School, I worked on refining the strip and making the humor more sophisticated. During this time there were many interesting events going on in the world, and I produced what I feel are some of my best and most perceptive strips. The stories also increasingly took on a more personal tone, as I realized that having the characters experience the same trials and troubles I went through was very therapeutic for me and made for some great comedy.

It's been years now since I graduated from law school, became a licensed attorney, and entered the exciting ridiculously dull world of legal practice. I think the strip has come a long way in the past decade since I was a wee lad in college, and I hope those of you who read this strip will agree with me.

Aside from the strip, my other hobbies include reading, bike riding, exercising, video games, and hanging out with friends around DC. In recent years I also developed an interest in aviation and for many years was working towards a private pilot's license (though I no longer do so). If you're wondering if the characters in the strip will ever taking up flying, the answer is no, as I don't think any of them would survive five minutes inside a small plane.

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